DirecTV new channel & HD problems

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DirecTV new channel & HD problems

Post by liels »

Two separate problems seem to have appeared over the last few days; I'm not sure if the post belongs here or in the lineup but here goes:

1) New channels "appeared", and I'm not quite sure why but it seems the mythupdatedb was reporting adding a bunch of them (mostly payperviews in the 100-200 range but also things like Smythsonian TV -- 267 -- which I don't happen to qualify for). Not a big problem, it's easy enough to clear out the unwanted channels but it was unexpected. (And I suppose if I actually got new channels I wanted to watch that would be a good notification so ... *shrugs*).

2) HD versions of channels "superimposed" themselves over the SD versions. 269, History is the first example I came across. Now 269 SD is devoid of information, while 269 "HD" is populated by SD->Myth. Trying to tune directly to 269 works, but trying to pick it off of the guide results in 1269 being reported in the logs, and the system and live tv and lots of other things become FUBARd.

In the schedule line up, I now see an option for 269 HSTRYHD, but no SD version. I'm apparently now subject to the same problem for A&E (265), MTV (332, though I haven't actually watched it since Beavis was king ;) Outdoors (606),.

ESPN seems to still be working fine, as I can ask for info for 206 ESPN, but not 73 ESPN HD.

LMK what can be done


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Re: DirecTV new channel & HD problems

Post by djb61230 »

I *think* why you are seeing a problem with A&E and History is that those channel names changed and maybe their ID, I'm not sure. While the ESPN channels did not so you are not having a problem with them. The other problem with the new PPV and other channels being added by default, appears to be at least in the near future, the way SD will work. I think Robert mentioned in another thread that if they end up hosting the data themselves they may be able to change this behavior.

I suggest trying to delete A&E and History using Mythweb. Then do a "mythfilldatabase --refresh-today" and the HD versions should show up if you have them selected in SD. All then will work for you since they are HD/SD simulcast channels with exactly the same guide data.

Actually the MTV 332 isn't even live yet, so your STB shouldn't be able to tune there, at least it didn't for me the other day when I tried.

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