API 20140530, List lineups

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API 20140530, List lineups

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A GET request with http://ec2-54-86-226-234.compute-1.amaz ... 30/lineups and a correct token header returned "response": "NO_LINEUPS"
I have not added lineups with the PUT method assuming the lineups of the account already added previously directly in the account setup of SchedulesDirect.org would be listed .

Does this indeed indicate that all current users have to re-enter their lineups? Can't you add the existing lineups on the serverside?

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Re: API 20140530, List lineups

Post by rkulagow »

The developer documentation states that existing lineups aren't moved over, and that your client will need to perform the add lineups functionality.

Even if we migrate existing users, your code needs to handle new users, so might as well debug that now, which is why we didn't perform a mass migration.

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