Channel Missing in MythBuntu

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Channel Missing in MythBuntu

Post by johnvic »

I don't know if this is a schedules direct issue or a mythtv issue. But if anyone has a suggestion then I would greatly appreciate. I apologize in advance if I use the wrong terminology. I'm a bit of a noob.

I am running mythbuntu 14.04 mythtv ver 27 as a backend. I use an HD HomeRun Dual to convert OTA TV to a network stream. If I watch real channel 30, virtual channel 68, I get 3 subcarriers. They are 68.1, 68.2 & 68.3. I see this with my antenna directly connected to my TV as well as watching the HD HomeRun box using their app. But when I do a scan in mythtv, with schedules direct, I only get 68.1 & 68.2. As mythtv is scanning it says there are 3 possible channels on real channel 30. But when it is done I only get 2 channels.

Any idea why I am unable to get the 3rd channel? It's actually the only one I am interested in.


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Re: Channel Missing in MythBuntu

Post by rkulagow »

Open a ticket in Schedules Direct so that we can confirm that we have the three channels of data available. Since you didn't include your zip code, I can't check what's in the database. Opening a ticket at the website will provide other information required for me to check the raw data.

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