/lineups URL returns nonsense after adding a deleted lineup

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/lineups URL returns nonsense after adding a deleted lineup

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After searching for a QAM lineup to try to see what they look like (will make a separate post on this), I could only find what appeared to be an invalid one. Added it to my account anyway.

Here is the resulting JSON from https://json.schedulesdirect.org/20141201/lineups after doing this (added linefeeds for a little readability):

Code: Select all

{"lineup":"GBR-0001189-DEFAULT","name":"BSkyB - Scotland","transport":"Satellite","location":"United Kingdom","uri":"\/20141201\/lineups\/GBR-0001189-DEFAULT"},
{"lineup":"USA-NY67791-QAM","name":"DELETED LINEUP","transport":"Deleted","location":"United Kingdom","uri":"\/20141201\/lineups\/GBR-0001189-DEFAULT","isDeleted":true},
{"lineup":"USA-NY67791-X","name":"Verizon Fios Queens - Digital","transport":"Cable","location":"Fresh Meadows","uri":"\/20141201\/lineups\/USA-NY67791-X","isDeleted":true},
{"lineup":"USA-OTA-11566","name":"Local Over the Air Broadcast","transport":"Antenna","location":"11566","uri":"\/20141201\/lineups\/USA-OTA-11566","isDeleted":true}]}
The only actual deleted lineup in the account is the 2nd one, which lists a bogus location and uri, and causes all later lineups in the response to have isDeleted=true. Deleting the lineup from my account returns the 2 lineups after it to normal.

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Re: /lineups URL returns nonsense after adding a deleted lin

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Yeah, it looks like something is going wrong. Send me an email (rkulagow@gmail.com) with your Schedules Direct username and I will turn on debugging so that I can check that portion of the code.

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