Request for Comment: "force" parameter in lineup map

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Request for Comment: "force" parameter in lineup map

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There appear to be a number of providers that now only have a single callsign in the lineups and leave it to the set top box to present either high def or standard def depending on the hardware that you're using.

So if the provider has put the "DT" version of the station on their analog cable offering, then the schedules for that stationID will carry the HDTV tag, even though the content is obviously standard def since it's on analog cable.

We've also found the opposite; providers that will put the same "WABC" callsign on a low channel and again on a high channel, where the high channel used to be "WABCDT" because it carried HD content.

I can add a flag to the station map so that your grabber will have a hint to either strip the HDTV tag, or to add it if required when it's doing schedule insertion.


"forceResolution": optional. If present, will contain one of the following: "sdtv", "hdtv", "uhdtv"

The issue will be in maintaining the mappings, and any initial implementation would be "bottom up".

Comment period closes on 2014-10-15.


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