IR Blaster Codes Comcast Pace DCSOXu

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IR Blaster Codes Comcast Pace DCSOXu

Post by edgarswank »

Comcast is going all-digital in August. No more analog signals. Cable box required to receive anything on ReplayTV. I have the digital cable boxes hooked up to the ReplayTV but I can't find the correct IR blaster codes. Comcast supplied me with Pace Model: DCSOXu Part: C1863447400. This is a small box. The instructions I get say to turn off the digital box, but the DCSOXu has no on/off switch. It's always ON, unless disconnected from its power supply. I tried the default Pace code 237, but it doesn't work (won't change channels). I saw a note that said ,"If a PACE DTA-DC50x unit from Comcast is used a custom code is needed, typically the code for this box is 2009 (the year the box was required)." (a) I have a different Pace model, and (b) 2009 is not in the list of IR codes supplied. The list starts at 0000. There are lots of codes, I dread having to try them all. The codes around where 2009 should be are 1877, 4476, 7000, and on from there. Has anyone got a ReplayTV to work with this model Pace Box? If so, any clue about which IR code I should try will be very welcome.

I am using Wirns with a paid SchedulesDirect subscription. It has been working fine with Analog cable. I can receive digital signals through the boxes, but I can only change channels with the Pace remote control supplied.

Hope somebody can help me!

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Re: IR Blaster Codes Comcast Pace DCSOXu

Post by rmeden »

I suggest you post on AVS Forum or Planet Replay to ask about the IR codes. There are many more ReplayTV experts there than here.


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