Insufficient episode information

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Insufficient episode information

Post by crow »

All too often, it seems that a channel isn't providing information on individual episodes. If you record a show like this, it's a real pain. I've run into this with The Daily Show and The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. The odd thing is that their web site shows which episode it is; they just don't seem to be sending that data out.

Is there anything that can be done about this?

My solution is to run a screen scraper that patches up the listings after mythfilldatabase runs, but I would rather have the data right for everyone.

I also run a screen scraper for my public access channels. If there were some way for them to get their listings into the real database, I could work with them to make it happen.

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Re: Insufficient episode information

Post by rmeden »

Keep in mind that the default behavior of Myth load day +14 and day +1, makes the situation worse. While the data may not be available on day 14, it often is closer to showtime.


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Re: Insufficient episode information

Post by Hookoa »

Many of the episode information listings for things like Burn Notice, Monk and Psych are for previous episodes. Not the upcoming one.


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Re: Insufficient episode information

Post by wmcvetty »

I seem to have solved this issue for me by telling mythfilldatabase to refresh the current day when it retrieves EPG data. Don't have the flag off the top of my head. I have noticed that Family Guy, Burn Notice, and others in my upcoming recordings have generic descriptions but by refreshing the day they have all been resolved prior to recording.
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