Orby TV Lineup

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Orby TV Lineup

Post by robcosys »

Hi, New to Schedules Diret and EPG123 with WMC. Does SD have any plans to add the Orby satellite TV service to its listings? I would like to setup EPG123 with Orby TV using SD, but there is not an option for Orby. If this is not being added. could I create a custom lineup using another lineup?
This is the current Orby lineupL https://orbytv.com/channel-lineup/


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Re: Orby TV Lineup

Post by rkulagow »

We've asked our upstream to add Orby back in Dec; they're still negotiating contracts, so one the legal things are done we'll either have it, or not, depending on whether they come to an agreement.

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Re: Orby TV Lineup

Post by quigleymd »

I filed a ticket with schedules direct about Orby in August of 2019 and received final word about it from rkulagow about it via email today (July 23rd, 2020):
I finally just received an email from our upstream, but they've said that they're not going to pursue an Orby lineup. I guess they couldn't come to an agreement on contracts.
I take that as official word of no Orby on SD so I just wanted to let you know since I've also been following this thread. Thanks to SD for the effort!

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