QMagneto EPG, compatible with XMLTV

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QMagneto EPG, compatible with XMLTV

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Just to present QMagneto, an EPG (Electronic Program Guide) which displays the TV programs. It also able to record programs by call an external program as VLC or mencoder. It is thus possible to record programs from a DVB-T device or a HTTP video stream.

* Multi-platform: Works under Linux, Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Seven, Mac OS X and FreeBSD
* Compatible with XMLTV files
* English and French user interface
* TV Guide stored in a database for use offline
* Find and download thumbnail on Internet to illustrate programs
* Display on "day mode" or "Channel mode"
* Scheduled alerts, recording or viewing TV streams (RTSP on Box, or HTTP)

QMagneto reads all guides in XMLTV format, populates a database to work offline, retreives automatically the thumbnails to illustrate the programs, etc.
By default, the French TV guide is automatically downloaded but it's easy to change to another in the options dialog.


Homepage : http://biord-software.org/qmagneto/ [en]

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