Perl Script:

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Perl Script:

Post by drorb »

I've been using this script, that I found on this site, for several years. It ran perfectly Saturday, 7/10/10, but failed today 7/15/10 complaining the startTime and endTime 'appear to be null.'

I'm not a Perl guru, but I added some printing to the script and can't see what's wrong.

Did something change? Is there a newer way to create XTVD?


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Re: Perl Script:

Post by deastick »

I had the same problem. I followed rmeden's news update to the tribune servers.... see "BAD START TIME"

to the link for the latest sample code on this post ( version).

I had to change my line that previously looked like this:

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-> download("<startTime>$start</startTime><endTime>$end</endTime>");
to this

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-> download($start,$end);
and then my full regular fetch worked.

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