MacProgramGuide 0.62 -- How to sort channels?

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Captain Maniac
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MacProgramGuide 0.62 -- How to sort channels?

Post by Captain Maniac »

I am using MacProgramGuide 0.62, and I have a question regarding sorting my channels in the schedule display. I have a 2-month subscription to Channels Direct, and I have successfully downloaded the channel lineup for my local service provider. However, in MacProgramGuide, the program listing appears to be sorted randomly. Is there a way I can do an ascending sort with the lowest mapped channel appearing on the top line, with the next highest mapped channel on each succeeding line?

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Re: MacProgramGuide 0.62 -- How to sort channels?

Post by coolmacsoftware »

Sometimes the channels get out of order when all lineups are selected at the top of the guide window, to correct this select the other lineups, this will cause the channels to be sorted.


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