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Please Recommend an Approved App

Post by shawnvw »

Can someone please tell me which apps are best for my needs?

1) I want to use my TV capture card (Happauge WinTV-PVR2) to record shows onto my computer's hard drive. I use WindowsXP but do not have Media Center Edition.

2) I want to set it and forget it. If I have to go online every week to download the current schedule, I'll forget. I've tried.

3) I want to be able to save a keyword search. In other words, I want to set my computer to record every Harrison Ford movie, or any show with the word "Warcraft" in the title or descritpion, or every episode of "The Partridge Family" even though it's currently not being broadcast and won't be on the air for another several months. (Windows Media Center has this capability.)

4) Easy instructions. GB-PVR seems to have the features I want, but the documentation is fragmentary and aimed at advanced computer users. In a word, I'm having so much trouble getting it installed that I came to this forum to look for something else.

PS: I used to know a website that would let me save searches, and would send me an e-mail whenever my Harrison Ford movies or "Partridge Family" was about to be shown. If you know of any such service, could you let me know? Thanks.


-- Shawn

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Re: Please Recommend an Approved App

Post by ForTheRecord »

You definately need to check out ForTheRecord,

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