MythTV Howto?

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Re: MythTV Howto?

Post by tagra123 »

Here the link for a quick how to for mythtv requested the the original post.

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Re: MythTV Howto?

Post by gberz3 »

Alright, will someone please start from the beginning. I installed my MythTV setup from scratch on Ubuntu. I'm very familiar with that entire process (from source and otherwise). I am *not* familiar, however, with the intricacies of MythTV and it's data retrieval. I have no idea where the discussion about XMLTV came from or any of those other things. For instance, where did the discussion about "tv_grab_na_dd" come from? What exactly is that a part of and why was no intro given?

That said, would someone list step-by-step, exactly what needs to be done to get this to work?

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Re: MythTV Howto?

Post by gberz3 »

For whatever reason I missed your post tagra123. . .thx!
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Fedora 6 - How to get SD Listings?

Post by coaxial »

Ok. This is very confusing. I have read twenty different ways to get the new listings to work.

I had built my own Fedora 6 Myth TV box with version .20 about 1 yr ago. It works great.


1) Can I just modify my "source" as some people have mentioned, if so, it seems like this would involve changing the web address of where to get listings, and I do not remember seeing this anywhere in video source setup. (right now of course it is trying to go to zap2it and is failing on lookup)

2)Or do I need to upgrade to version .20.2 ? If so, does this involve upgrading the kernel, and IVTV ,etc? is this all done through RPM's ? I found this link ... _--_Mehall
But if you look at it, it tells you to upgrade kernel,etc, but no where in that article does it tell you how to upgrade to .20.2 .. unless I am blind.

Basically what is the easiest way to get this SD working on Fedora 6...? As I write my trial is dwindling down to 0 days.
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Re: MythTV Howto?

Post by Contributor »

I had FC6, and wanted to update, and get Followed some instructions quite successfully. Here are the instructions from a previous post, along with my comments, to clarify things:

Two small comments after happily upgrading to Mythtv 0.20.2 and subscribing to SD (although these are repeats of the stuff many may already know, I find it important to underline them):

1) Upgrading (in my particular case on FC6 system on which I have installed MythTV using "yum install mythtv-suite" but should work on other distro's with yum,...);

-Exited MythTV and stopped the backend (this might be specific to your install, do not forget to stop backend properly first)

-Backed up (just in case) database : mysqldump -u mythtv -pmythtv mythconverg -c > /somewhere/mythtv_backup.sql
Got error 145: Table './mythconverg/recordedseek' is marked as crashed and should be repaired when using LOCK TABLES
I didn't get this error
(from various posts this appears to be a very typical case)
Repaired using : mysqlcheck -u root -p --repair mythconverg -1 recordedseek
Backup went well.

-Upgraded, as there is apparently no new "mythtv-suite" rpm, I used: yum -y upgrade \*myth\*
Went without the glitch. Rebooted, just in case.

2) Switched to SD as follows:

-Stopped backend (set to autostart on boot)
I think he meant to say that he stopped the FRONT END. The backend must be running for the next command to work, according to my experience.
, run mythtv-setup
I think he meant to say all one word "mythtvsetup"
. Deleted all channels. Went to Video Source,
and as helpfully "tgutwin" mentions picked up North America ( for the Listing Grabber.
As he underlines, USERNAME is not just the username but the complete EMAIL you have given!
This may have changed since August. My email address didn't appear to work, so I tried it with just my user name, which worked fine
. After giving
it the password as well, locality got automatically populated.
At this point, I found that I had to run a channel scan, having deleted all my channels. I lost all my channel names and call signs.

-Exited mythtv-setup
once again, no dash in this program name
and run mythfilldatabase. Started the backend.

Everything is in order.

Thanks to previous posters here (and on othjer forums) for this quite smooth transition. Hope these details help,

A few other notes: I did NOT lose any previous recordings. Having to retype in all my channels (callsigns, and titles) seems like a royal pain; maybe I am doing something wrong. There are only about 3 public access channels that get recognized by name. Otherwise, the Schedules Direct migration was pretty simple, considering how long I had been putting it off and dreading it!
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Re: MythTV Howto?

Post by brianko »

mythtv-0.21 provides ready-to-go support for SD access. I upgraded from 0.18 to 0.21 without a problem after trying, without success, many of the suggestions here.

I've just spent quite a bit of time trying to figure all this out, so hopefully this will save someone else some time.

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