PTVL - Desktop TV Listings application?

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PTVL - Desktop TV Listings application?

Post by jschall »

I am a longtime user of Pocket TV Browser (PTVB), and I just installed ThumbsUpSoft's Pocket TV Listings on my Windows XP PC and my iPAQ - just to compare PTVL with PTVB.

Well, the Weblink works fine - it did automatically install the upgrade for Schedules Direct. And the Pocket PC app works ALMOST flawlessly - there is this problem with French accents which is severe enough to make me want to uninstall PTVL.

But this post is to ask about the Desktop Listings application. (PTVB has one too, and it's nice to have).

There is an executable file called DTVG.exe, which is a Windows desktop emulation of the Pocket PC listings. It works identically, but there is this dialog box that pops up - "PTVL: An updated version of PTVL been found (sic). Click OK to load the new version."
Clicking on OK closes the listings app, but after a few seconds of inactivity, an error message appears:

"PTVG Application has encvountered a problem and needs to close..."

AppName: dtvg.exe AppVer: ModName: dtvg.exe
ModVer: Offset: 0003fcd6

Notice the different names for the executable files - ptvg vs. dtvg. Could that cause the error?

Has anybody seen this error? Has anybody found a way to fix it?

Jeff Schallenberg
Saint Lambert, Québec

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Re: PTVL - Desktop TV Listings application?

Post by egads »

I did in fact find a solution on another forum - delete (or better yet, rename) the 'new.exe' application in the 'C:\Program Files\Thumbs Up!\Pocket TV Listings' directory (assuming a standard install). That fixes the new PTVL popup AND the << >> scan key problems.

Giving credit to 'srvctec': ... blems.html

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