MythTV and other approved apps bundled with hardware

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MythTV and other approved apps bundled with hardware

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Perhaps this has been asked and answered before but my search didn't turn up results (maybe I used the wrong terms). The question has to do with approves apps bundled with hardware.

I am wondering about whether it's legal to buy MythTV systems (for example) and use this service (SD). I believe that most or all of them sell you the hardware and include MythTV (installed or not) for free. Examples are StormLogic's Dragon 2.0 and Monolith's Media Center.

I build my own MythTV boxes, but not-so-tech-savvy friends would love MythTV in their homes. There is no way I would volunteer to support their machines as that could turn into either a headache for me, or sour experiences for them. So boxes such as these would be good for them, but if it violates ToS, then I won't suggest it.

If it doesn't violate SD's ToS, then what are the best systems out there?

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