No WMC Guide After EPG123 install and setup

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No WMC Guide After EPG123 install and setup

Post by chobe »

I successfully installed and completed setup of EPG123. After making some channel lineup changes got error in WMC "Corrected problem with guide....." Only option was to click OK. Proceeding in WMC channel lineup is correct and does play channel but guide says "No data available" for all channels. How do I resolve or do I have to manually import .mxf file again and start over with mapping additional files? Thank you!

Sorry epg123Setup_v1.3.3.40

UPDATE: I elected to rebuild WMC database which seemed to work. Got most of program listings back, except still not receiving listings for any channels I manually added by call sign. The channel works but no program list OR Icons for these channels only.

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Re: No WMC Guide After EPG123 install and setup

Post by rkulagow »

This is an old ticket, but just in case someone comes by in the future, the best place for EPG123 support is going to be the EPG123 forum at The Green Button. That's where the EPG123 developer provides support.

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