Simple IPTV and schedules direct setup (for KODI)

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Simple IPTV and schedules direct setup (for KODI)

Post by jiffypop »

I'm new to the epg setup in general. Im currently using the simple iptv client and I am downloading the guide xml file on my Ubuntu workstation by running tv_grab_na_dd command inside the terminal. I am getting the data downloaded in the xml file from schedules direct with my correct channels from my line up. However, I am unable to get the schedule to show up in KODI. What I'm wondering is if the actual guide xml file format is incorrect? Whenever I run tv_grab_na_dd I get the the data but I'm just not sure its in the correct xml format to pass the epg data and the channel names. I just need and example to go by if this is even possible. I do realize that the first question I should probably ask is if this is even possible with using the simple iptv addon with schedules direct? I would be using the tvheadend but I am having a hard time getting any IPTV channels setup in it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Simple IPTV and schedules direct setup (for KODI)

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I'm pretty sure it's the right format... but some apps may need the "--old-chan-id" switch for tv_grab_na_dd.

I modified the subject to include KODI, as this is really an app question.


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Re: Simple IPTV and schedules direct setup (for KODI)

Post by sirron »

i was going to ask the same question, while waiting to get approved so i could make a post i figured it out

i am using mc2xml and tick the box that say channel name first

then your epg will load on iptv simple client

i am having problems with getting logos to show now

have all the logs pointing to the folder with my logos ....hmmm

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