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Near the top of a raw XML file from TMS is an undocumented <messages> section, apparently added by SD, which tells me when my subscription expires. Is this section ever used for more-significant announcements from SD or can it safely be ignored?

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Re: <messages>

Post by rmeden »

It's generated by Tribune (their system has an expiration date field). I've never seen it used for anything other than the expiration date.

In XMLTV/tv_grab_na_dd I display it, which is probably a good idea, but since most of the time the scripts run automatically, a message there typically won't be seen by a human. We'll email you using your email on file if we need to tell you something.


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Re: <messages>

Post by jagsd »

If you supply an invalid date and time in the request, eg an end time past the horizon of available data, it will be corrected and a <message/> will be included stating that the date and time has been corrected and to what it was corrected.

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