It (XMLTV) Works! (Darn, that was easy)

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It (XMLTV) Works! (Darn, that was easy)

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So I got in on time and managed to sign up (and pay) for my account.

My account is active.

I use XMLTV to pull listings. I was running 0.5.47 which was current at the time I singed up for my account.

As I write this (16:30 Pacific Time) I visit SourceForce and lo and behold, XMLTV 0.5.48 is up for download. This is the version with the Schedules Direct support. The updated version went up at 16:15 Pacific Time.

I download xmltv 0.5.48 and install it. That process was brutally easy: rename my \xmltv directory to \xmltv-OLD just in case, unzip xmltv 0.5.48 into \xmltv

To configure XMLTV I run

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xmltv.exe tv_grab_na_dd --configure
As it turns out, I could have used the config file from my xmltv 0.5.47 install.

xmltv prompts for timezone, user/pass, pulls the lineup I created when I created my account.

I test it out with

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xmltv.exe tv_grab_na_dd --days 1
Ok, it all works.

Damn, that was easy.

So far it looks like the only change to the data was in episode numbering. For example, with Zap2It, the series number for '24' was 446604, with, it appears that that they've expanded the address space and padded the number to 8 digits (ie, 00446604).

My perl-fu can handle that. :-)

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