Series/Episode from programid

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Series/Episode from programid

Post by Torg »

If I extract the episode information for a program they do not match up to known Series/Episode or even known episode total numbers.

For example Law & Order: Tango is in fact episode 403 Season 18. Episode 6 (according to epguides) Its programid is EP000176170429. According the TMS 0429 is its episode number. It neither matches neither numbers. SyndicatEdepisodeNumber is even more problematic as it is often blank (this episode fro example is blank).

Is there an easier way to glean Season/Episode information from TMS data?

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Re: Series/Episode from programid

Post by rmeden »

The program-id does not include that information.

Under <programs>
ID: TMS generated unique ID for an episode
SyndicatedEpisodeNumber: (optional) Distributor designated number corresponding to an episode of a specific show

If your looking for season 4 episode 5 (04-05) like you see on, the info simply is not there unless the distributor chooses to use that method. Typically, the distributors do not... each one tends to be unique.

Information on the TMS data format is here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=568#p3092


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