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historical guide data

Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2008 3:22 pm
by hov

I'm doing some tinkering with the guide data and I'd like to run some tests over a longer period than just the next two weeks of data. I'd like to get several months worth, maybe a year's worth of data.

I tried using a negative offset with the grabber, but predictably, TMS/SD only allows you to back to yesterday. I don't blame them.

I'd prefer not to wait a year to get lots of data so I was hoping that someone could either tell me how to download old guide from SD or maybe someone could send me their old data. Any full featured cable or satellite lineup will do. I don't care which zipcode, I just want consistent data for the past 2-12 months.

I just started playing around with SD and XMLTV, so please excuse me if I'm uninformed.