How to get channel lineup info?

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How to get channel lineup info?

Post by dereks »


Hope this is the appropriate place to ask. I've checked the FAQ, and can't find any documentation on this subject.

I want to download lineups (not listings) for my cable provider. The information I want is exactly what appears on the<whatever>(*) URL, so I could just get it by screen-scraping. But I can't help thinking there's a better, "approved" way of doing it, without screen scraping output that's obviously intended for human consumption.

If there's an existing tool that does it, or a Perl recipe, or just a URL for the xml and a schema to decode it, I'd be very grateful for a pointer to it. If not, I'll just screen-scrape it.


(*) I.e: Channel, XMLID, Callsign, and Name.
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Re: How to get channel lineup info?

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it's only a single table you can copy /paste it... (screen scraping for a one-time thing is kinda weird)

If you want it it HTML, you can also just view the source for that page and copy/paste that.

You can also use xmltv's tv_grab_na_dd --list-channels command.

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Re: How to get channel lineup info?

Post by marc.aronson »

dereks, I'm looking to do the same thing. Did you ever sovle this? I'm trying to do this from a bash script, and while I have a way forward, the way I'm coming at it is going to require a lot of parsing. I'm hoping you have something I can beg, borrow or steal :-), thanks!

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