Multiple Genres For SD-DD Service?

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Multiple Genres For SD-DD Service?

Post by GLCamp »

The SD-DD Service seems to still have only one Genre for a program.

Past posts indicated that the issue would be addressed.

>> The SD-DD service now only returns one Genre (with a relevance of 0).
>> Multiple Genres starting with 1 in random order was causing problems for MythTV.
>> The missing Genres will be added later.

>> SD-DD Genre-Relevance only reports the most important Genre.
>> Others will be added back later.

What is the status of this issue?


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Re: Multiple Genres For SD-DD Service?

Post by rmeden »

Yea, I haven't been able to get to it yet, it's not a trivial change.

A problem caching expired accounts is fixed now (was causing many support emails), and the genre change is next on my list.


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