Data Format and Retreiving Methods

Discussion about Schedules Direct grabber code and data formats.
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Data Format and Retreiving Methods

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I want to make a PC based application, as my college project, that retrieves the TV listings data for US and Canada. I'll using a graphical programming language that is capable of calling third party APIs.

I am very new to software development and have least knowledge of developing PC based apps.

I want to know:

1. What is the way to access listings data for US and Canada regions?
2. What format (e.g. XML) the data is in? Also, what is the structure/hierarchy of the organization of the database?
3. Can access the database server directly and bring that data to my local PC and then let my application use it offline? OR Do I need to use APIs that are provided by Schedules Direct?
4. Can I build my own APIs for my application?


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Re: Data Format and Retreiving Methods

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Check out the sticky posts in this section. It includes documentation and sample code.

I'm not sure if it will interface with your GUI development environment. It may be able to access 3rd party APIs, but I'm sure it's limited to how those APIs are called. The data service uses SOAP over basic authentication http. Results returned are in XML.


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