Question about subscription

Discussion about Schedules Direct grabber code and data formats.
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Question about subscription

Post by bryceray »

I'm interested in developing an app. I will most likely be the primary user but if I'm going to develop it for myself I do want to make it available to others. Based on the subscription guidelines I can't use schedules direct at all, is this correct? Is there a service you recommend for people who want a tv listing service which can be used publicly? Keep in mind, I don't expect to make any money off of this app so I can't afford an expensive service.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Question about subscription

Post by rmeden »

It sounds like you're a perfect fit for Schedules Direct and that's probably how most of us started. I know that's how I started (I wrote tv_check to alert me when Friends was "Supersized" or had "bonus episodes" so I could update VCR programming)

The key is you cannot make the *data* available publicly, your app can (and should be) publicly distributed.

For example, If your app generates a web page, you need to password protect (or firewall) it, so it is not publicly accessible. You can still release your code so anyone can set up a similar web page with their own subscription (and access restrictions).

If you have a mobile app, it needs to query the data servers directly.. you can't pay for the data to reside on web service somewhere and distribute it to multiple mobiles.

Think of it from Tribune Media Service's (our data source) perspective. They have a business where they sell data for various uses. Our contract with them (and hence our Terms of Service with members) is worded so someone doesn't pay $20/year to compete with them using their own data.

Thankfully, Tribune is willing to encourage hobbyist experimentation... so long as it doesn't hurt their business. It's a win/win for everyone, so long as we understand the spirit and play by the rules.


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