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Re: Download info for bash script

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I've made some reasonable progress. They can operate from either the Silicon Dust lineup server OR they can use the guide data that Comcast transmits every 60 seconds. The latter does not work with all tuner cards. I've had success with both an Airstar and Kworld card, but not with a Pinnacle card. The scripts work basically like this:

1. If using the Comcast 60-second data burst, run a script to capture the data burst.

2. Use the mythtv channel scanner to scan all channels. Be sure to allow inclusion of encrypted channels and audio-only channels, as the myth scanner tends to miss valid channels if you exclude encrypted or audio-only channels.

3. Run the "diff" script. This spits out a set of directives that tell you what changes need to be made to the mythconverge database in a format that is both human and machine readable.

4. Review the directives to make sure you feel that everything looks reasonable.

5. Run the "process" script.

6. Run "mythfilldatabase" with the appropriate options (I don't recall them off the top of my head, but the scripts provides directions.

7. Verify that everything looks good.

If there are people that are interested in using this script I will put together some better directions and package them up. I will take a few days to do so -- let me know.

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