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Cliff Watson Electronic Program Guide (CW_EPG ) + FusionHDTV7 RT Gold Tuner PCI in North Amercia DOES NOT WORK! I am using Windows Vista 32bit. I goto download for 3 days and it downloads LAST MONTHS programs and maybe a day or 2 of NEXT MONTHS programs. This program is frustrating. I paid $5 for 2 months. I want to renew but no point.

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have you posted on the CW_EPG forum for help? Maybe someone familiar with CW_EPG will respond here.

It's not possible for us to provide data for next month's programs, we only have 14 days of data to provide.
I also don't think we can go back 30 days.

FYI.. it's pretty common for Free/Open Source apps to be frustrating for new users. It's the nature of the beast.. since no one is paid, no one wants to spend a lot of time on things that aren't "fun", like new user docs etc.

Once you get this working (you'll probably see F/OSS apps give *better* support, if you ask nicely.. no tier 1 BS asking if it's plugged in) you can help the project by writing/updating documentation. Even non-programmers can help! As a matter of fact, a non-programmer is usually better at new user docs than the developers (who know the system inside/out)


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You need to stop yelling man. Your lucky you got a reply. Most people are much more hostile over this kind of disrespect to people donating there time to Open Source projects and won't tolerate shouting in all caps.

You spent $5 which is the fee to test SD and the Open Source software or your choice to see if it will work on your system. Had you bought commercial software to find out the same thing you would be out much more.

You use Vista. Many people went out to buy it and ended up with a brick when it wouldn't work on their PC. Try to get a refund from Microsoft. This is an Apples vs Apples comparison because the multimedia stuff made it into one of the Vista Versions.

SD consist of very nice people. Sometimes they are even too nice. You need a reality check.

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