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Kudos and...

Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 10:52 pm
by stevech
Thank you guys SO much for the super reliable service.
Using my own-written software, I pull down a day's of listings once a day. And feed that into my own software to reformat/display a vertically scrolling guide formatted just like we want it (HTML). In huge font. 800 pixel wide. So it looks good at 15 ft. And the whole show description is there, not just a scrunched-up one-liner as in most on-screen guides.

The only problem I have is that about twice a month, my program crashes. It's because I use Microsoft's XML parser library. And for some reason, once in a while the XML has something in it that Microsoft's wiz-kids didn't take into account. But when this happens, a few hours later I just restart my program and it resumes by purging the parts of the XML guide data that is older than "now". And the program presses on.

I do not mind at all paying the small fee. Gee, it's less than a Coke in Paris!