Custom Lineups

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Custom Lineups

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I know that Schedules Direct is looking into hosting the data themselves, and thus allowing a variety of new features, including custom lineups. I thought an interesting topic for discussion is what features we as users are looking for that we wish we had.

I know that people's primary goal in custom lineups is to allow their lineups to be assembled the way they are in add and delete channels...But is there demand for a custom lineup from scratch? Assembling feeds from various networks or adding channels not in a lineup to your lineup.

I know every time that my cable company fiddles with my channel arrangement...I'd like to not only edit my custom lineup, but assist Schedules Direct by submitting the amended generic lineup to be used for other people in my zip code/neighborhood. Thus volunteers could be given this submission opportunity to the local server for the 'default' lineups. Volunteers could also make custom lineups available for sharing, creating a nice community environment.

This expansion of lineup options could also allow additional categories...such as the one I suggested...Foreign Language...etc.

I know this is just random pondering, but I am curious what people are thinking and getting involved. The more open things are...the less work each individual volunteering their time has to do, even if there is a hierarchy by necessity.

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Re: Custom Lineups

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I was thinking about how I could get the HD OTA listings into my SD profile in the easiest way, and had an idea:

Many of the sations are avalable in existing lineups, just not a single lineup with the channels I need, so why not have the ability to search for the XMLTVID for the channel I want, using the callsign. Then once I have that info, you provide a page to create a custom lineup where I could identify the stations and XMLTVID that I need include.

I think this could help avoid the constant disappointment people are feeling about their local listings not being included in SD or Tribune's service. It would also reduce the need to use fake zip codes or other hacks that learning curves and support issues.


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