SD Swag

How much would you pay for a Schedules Direct T-shirt?

I'll keep my own shirt, thanks.
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Re: SD Swag

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StuartM wrote:Juski already offers mythtv case badges and pretty nice they are too - I've got them on all my frontends and backends.
I tried that and all I got was a server error.

Case badges would be a good idea. The swag doesn't have to be SD specific. It could
also be for MythTV in general. Something like the Tivo car sticker would be nice. A
nice logo in general would be good, something that would look good plastered everywhere
(like Tux).

Mousepads and coffee mugs are good.

Consider jumbo coffee mugs (rather than the usual wimpy variety).
Not all of us are using MythTV. ;)
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Re: SD Swag

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xris wrote:or jump start our ability to start providing financial support to FOSS projects (e.g. a MythTV booth at LinuxWorld).

If you have any other ideas for cool swag (mugs, shot glasses, flashlights, etc.), feel free to chime in, too.
I know just about all the Dev's here come from MythTv but don't forget the rest of us. Zap2it said that GBPVR users were a close second after MythTv using their service.

I would rather see SD spend time and resources to look at expanding their offering. I would pay extra for a "premium" service that offered weather and theater info or possibly streaming moving trailers etc.

I would buy a t-shirt, mug, hat or case badge.
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Re: SD Swag

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I sell items like this for a living and while many may not know or understand the true value behind much of this type of 'advertisement' the clients I've worked with for almost 20 years do recognize it. Small promotion does work.
Plus, how great would it be to wear something with Schedules Direct on it and get to explain what it's about and then see the look on the other persons face when they have no idea what you're talking about?

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