Myth 18.1

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Myth 18.1

Post by badgers »

please help.
I have 610 gigs of shows that I don't want to loose.

Because 18.1 has always worked just fine for me I never upgraded anything.
I looked at this once and the data base structure had changed and I was afraid I would have a bunch of .nuv files that I didn't know which episode they were.

is there anywhere that has an upgrade guide from 18.1?

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Re: Myth 18.1

Post by xris »

If you search the mythtv-users mailing list archives, there should be some discussion about how you can hook up XMLTV to get Schedules Direct data into older versions of MythTV.

However, I'd encourage you to upgrade to .20.2, if for nothing other than the fact that there are a lot of new features. If you back up your database with mysqldump, you should have very little trouble reverting your installation if the upgrade breaks something. MythTV is pretty good about keeping the database structure up to date without affecting the data itself.

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Re: Myth 18.1

Post by hockey »

badgers this should help ease your mind.

I too was on 18.1 in that I saw no reason to upgrade. My system worked perfectly and I didn't see anything that just said to me "I gotta have that feature".

In preparation for the transition to schedule's direct I decided to upgrade so I could keep using mythfilldatabase. I use Gentoo and my Gentoo mythtv e-build was requiring an upgrade from xorg 6 to xorg 7 (why I have no idea) and I wasn't prepared for that hassle so I decided to upgrade to 20.2 by way of source code from

I'm happy to say that I was able to upgrade everything flawlessly and with no loss of data or programs. It took a bit to tweak everything just the way I wanted but for the most part it was:

make -j 2
make install

and I was pretty much done with the upgrade. There were a few hiccups with the plugins but those were due to user error (in other words me). Don't forget the mythtv application will make the appropriate database changes for you so if you have your DB backed up the myth application will do the rest.

It's not that hard, just follow the install guide on and you should be fine.

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