Dumbest Question at SD EVER

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Dumbest Question at SD EVER

Post by Secret_Ingredient »

I cannot find a set of instructions, a how-to, a tutorial on what to do with the information SD provides.

I will want to subscribe, and would like some help understanding what to do.

FWIW: I have a Kodi, which uses TVHeadend. Searching for Kodi, TVHeadend, "Schedules Direct" I see some apps.

Is there an explanation for what to do somewhere?

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Re: Dumbest Question at SD EVER

Post by rmeden »

Does Kodi have a native channel guide? If so, they should be providing some documentation/instructions.

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Re: Dumbest Question at SD EVER

Post by gtb »

I believe that TVHeadend uses the XMLTV format to ingest data. There are a couple of different Schedules Direct XMLTV (JSON) grabbers available that produce the data for the ingest.

As I know very little about TVHeadend, I suspect you are going to get better information on the forums that discuss tvheadend (and/or kodi). you can try your searching using the terms "tvheadend schedules direct").

I sort of guess that the general data flow is likely going to be something like this:

SchedulesDirect -> XMLTV_grabber -> TVHeadend -> Kodi (for display)

Each with their own unique setup requirements (and for SchedulesDirect it is mostly just create your account, agree to the usage, and provide payment for the service).

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Re: Dumbest Question at SD EVER

Post by elsmandino »

Secret_Ingredient - did you ever sort this out for yourself or do you still need help?

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