Media Portal 2 And WebGrab+

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Media Portal 2 And WebGrab+

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I decided to upgrade to the newest version of Media Portal after a drive failure corrupted my trusty MP1.15 install.
I have been reading good things about WebGrab+ being used in MP2 for EPG data. I am currently maintaining a hack manual method to keep my data up to date using Mc2Xml to download the data.

Using the WebGrab+ program this function would be carried out by the program correct? I have tried all sorts of scheduling tactic to get my current method to work on it;s own but have failed.

I have yet to master the JSON method of data retrieval so I'm hoping some one can give me a quick tutorial of it's workings if I can't use the legacy data system.

In short I'm hoping this method can get me data reliably without too much intervention from me. Just need some guidance in getting it up and running :oops:

Any and all appreciated!


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