Big Thanks

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Big Thanks

Post by illyriah »

I just wanted to say thank you for offering this service. I just did a nice little update with Mythdora (See for more info), and it all went very quickly and painlessly. Yay. :)

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Re: Big Thanks

Post by dj_segfault »

Same here. The changeover went relatively smoothly for me.

There were some channels with missing data, but I figured I would give it a few days to work itself out, and it did. Not only that, but some programs that had no episode names (so I was recording the same episode 3 or 4 times) now have them. Not sure if that's SD's work or the channel's work, but I'm very happy.

I have always held the position that free as in speech is much more important to me as free as in beer. As long as I get to choose the brand of beer :D

I understand why they needed an initial S.W.A.G.-based pricing, and am anxiously awaiting the "real" price. So far, so good. For everyone, that is (except the leechers). Really. Scraping websites is pretty much the worst-case scenario for the online community as a whole.

Thanks again.


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Re: Big Thanks

Post by rbm0307 »

Same congratulatory sentiments here. Painless switch-over from Zap2it Labs to SD under Ubuntu Feisty. So far so good.

Often is it easy to slam someone for not meeting one's expectations (as has been done in other threads on this board). In this case, SD should be congratulated for offering, IMO, a useful service with honest intent to bring pricing down to a "sustainable" level.



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Re: Big Thanks

Post by Dachannien »

Just wanted to say thanks as well. The SD part of the upgrade was the easy part, done in ten minutes or maybe less.

The pain came when I tried to upgrade a package-installed MythTV 0.15 on Debian with a non-package 0.20, as somehow 0.20/0.20.2 don't agree with the way I apparently had glx set up. (Sadly, it's a mishmosh now of package installs and manual installs. Ugh.) Now I have to use the Qt renderer, and it's using really wide fonts for everything.

I'm considering picking up a larger hard drive (320GB just isn't enough, hehe, and they're dirt cheap now besides), so I'll probably lift off and nuke the site from orbit if I go ahead with that.

It's the only way to be sure. :D

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Re: Big Thanks

Post by bwgreen »

Just wanted to echo the sentiments above - I did the changeover from Zap2It to SD on teh weekend - Mythtv 0.20 and Fedora 6. Once I set yum to access the main atrpms repository the upgrade for Mythtv went perfectly, and changing the grabber to use SD was no problem at all. The channel data has been populating perfectly now - I check it most every evening to make sure that all is well.

Thanks for the great work!

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Re: Big Thanks

Post by nvdaydreamer »

As this seems to be the newest pat-on-the-back thread, I'll post this here. :p)

I'm just adding my thanks to the hundreds ahead of me. I worked really hard on my TV listings searcher, and I was really sad to be losing Zap2It Labs access. had a lot of the searchability I use, but it just wasn't the same. I'd watched the developments at Schedules Direct with some interest, and tried to get XMLTV going but since I live in OS X-Land, things went a bit more non-smoothly than my mediocre tech-fu could handle. Yesterday the light dawned that SD's deliverable was going to be identical to the Z2L data and I made the leap. I had been using the Perl SOAP utility from Z2L, and all that needed changing was my ID, password and the URL in the xtvd.xml configuration file. Presto! Happy listing data again.

As for pricing, even $60/year is worlds cheaper than a comprehensive satellite listings magazine (not even counting the time lost to poring over fine print), so I'll be comfortable with paying even if the rates DON'T go down as the SD team hopes/expects.

Thanks to the team for the hard work on short notice in bringing Schedules Direct up and running. I look forward to seeing what developments await.

Bob P / nvdaydreamer

PS: For the record -- my DishDVR has a perfectly useful EPG, but entering items to seach for is a pain. So, what we've got is something like TV_check, except it runs directly on the TMS/SD data, processing it and an external XML "wish list" of titles, actors, and keywords against an XSL style sheet to refine the data down to the information I want, and gives the result in an HTML report. Do it again with the wife's wish list, and you have a happy fambly. It's not the fastest deal in the world, but it's on a cron job, so who cares? :-)

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Re: Big Thanks

Post by lucidity »

I wanted to add my kudos as well. You guys put together what to many of us is the keystone of MythTV at a desperate time VERY quickly. Not only was the transition completely seemless with Gentoo (emerge -uN mythtv mythplugins), but this service seems to me to be faster as well. Services can't be expected to be free, especially with all the work that was obviously put into it. Thanks again, you saved my Mythbox. :D

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Re: Big Thanks

Post by erik »

Let me add my thanks as well. Everything is working great and I'm impressed at how quickly this solution was put together.

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Re: Big Thanks

Post by LibertarianTribble »

Well here I was going to see if I could put up a Thank You entry on the board and someone
already has - great - if somebody could make this thread sticky at the top of the list please do.

I recently upgraded my Fedora6/Mythtv box to the newest version of Mythtv and aside from
unrelated NVidia problems, the Mythtv upgrade was smooth. I will now change over to SD,
and I expect that to go smoothly also.

So a VERY big "Thank You!" must go out to the tireless efforts of:

Isaac Richards, Chairman (MythTV)
Robert Eden (XMLTV)
Daniel Kristjansson (MythTV)
Kevin Odorczyk (MacProgGuide)
Chris Petersen (Mythtv)

and others unmentioned who assisted in putting this together and testing it for the
rest of us slackers ;-) who ARE willing to pay for good services rendered.

My whole family thanks you ;-)
Wife (hooked on Beauty and the Geek)
Daughter (all things Dora and Diego)
Son ("I want CARS!")

Please believe me when I say that while a big chunk of the users you may have had
to deal with lately - are more complaints then help - the VAST majority of us more
silent types are grateful for your hard work and time spent on this project.

mp - RHCE - MythTV user

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Re: Big Thanks

Post by teejay_c »

Seriously, thanks for doing all the scarry ugly legal things that the vast majority of us are unwiling to even comprehend much less dirty our shoes getting involved with.

sorry, I think I've spent to long lurking in the PP forums lately.

You're doing the right thing for the little industry that's cropped up around the PVR and I can't say thanks enough...

(and if my wife had a clue how all this stuff worked and the roll you’re playing she’d send you some first rate baked goods… We are in the Seattle area…)

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