Sorting data for tuners

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Re: Sorting data for tuners

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no2u wrote: But I certainly would prefer to download the Comcast Houston lineup just once if there was (or is) a way to configure locally which subset of those channels are available through each input.

I believe Danielk is working on this in his myth patches. Right now I'm getting around it with a little perl/sql but his solution will be an
better overall option.

no2u wrote: never listed the QAM channels so I assume Comcast isn't publishing the QAM channel map -- but I'm sure that individual subscribers would be willing to upload the QAM-to-channel mapping info for their locale in order to help out everyone else (I would certainly volunteer to provide this mapping for Comcast Houston).
A few of us have mentioned that as an option as adding QAM channels to myth and then trying to find out what channels they actually are
is a bit of a pain.It might end up as a service on or maybe eventually be available from

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