Audio Description (AD)

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Audio Description (AD)

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I'm looking for some programs that have Audio Description (for the blind) on the SAP channel. I'm guessing that Tribune does not include this information in the raw feed since does not indicate anything other that CC (closed captioning) for the ABC show, "Modern Family", while the ABC site,, indicates that it does. If the problem is indeed with Tribune, how can I appeal to them to get a code added for this? Also, if they do eventually get it, how is this likely to impact Schedules Direct and downstream users of this (like mythtv)?

My main motivation for this is that my wife would like to know when shows have this content and I would like to capture this channel from mythtv when I record a program with this content in it. As you can imagine it is a bit of a pain to hunt down a bunch of independent schedule websites (like or call an 800 number (as is the case for TCM) to find out which shows have it which don't.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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Re: Audio Description (AD)

Post by rkulagow »

If you mean "Descriptive Video Service", then I know that it's available in the data from Tribune, and in the JSON beta that we're developing:

{"programID":"SH015956940000","md5":"mPlHva3x4edwwk3yI1M9GA","airDateTime":"2013-09-02T12:00:00Z","duration":3600,"cc":true,"stereo":true,"new":true},{"programID":"SH005118060000","md5":"pgi3Q5DGAloUypAPF00PVw","airDateTime":"2013-09-02T13:00:00Z","duration":10800,"cc":true,"stereo":true,"new":true},{"programID":"EP009056900043","md5":"3LCk8Mt11uN3lSVMN4OE7A","airDateTime":"2013-09-02T16:00:00Z","duration":1800,"cc":true,"stereo":true,"tvRating":"TVG"},{"programID":"SH000000110000","md5":"c1gC1w56j2wTOudNntsUKA","airDateTime":"2013-09-02T16:30:00Z","duration":1800,"cc":true,"stereo":true},{"programID":"EP005544724207","md5":"+lrBxYAzyJqF9cT3YoV8qg","airDateTime":"2013-09-02T17:00:00Z","duration":18000,"cc":true,"stereo":true,"new":true,"liveTapeDelay":"Live","netSyndicationSource":"NBC","netSyndicationType":"Broadcast Network"},{"programID":"EP007827980047","md5":"Q9B+7qS1P\/7xWL8XqQEdXQ","airDateTime":"2013-09-02T22:00:00Z","duration":1800,"cc":true,"stereo":true,"dvs":true,"tvRating":"TVPG"}

It might be that your application isn't exposing it to you.

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