Any replacement for TVGPlus by Rovi?

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Any replacement for TVGPlus by Rovi?

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I have a Sony HDTV with internet that used to get the free TV listing via local TV stations and the internet. I guess it was called TVGuidePlus and Rovi was the provider of the TV listings for these TVs, DVDs and ReplayTV DVR channel listings. Rovi decided to discontinue providing the free listings a few months ago. Any plans on providing the channel listings to these products via the internet?

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Re: Any replacement for TVGPlus by Rovi?

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I don't see how SD could help, as we're prohibited by contract to provide data to commercial devices. Exceptions have been made for some abandon-ware, but only as an external plugin, and I don't see how you can do it with that TVGuide+ devices.

I would contact Sony. You purchased a set from them that included lifetime guide data. They have the ability to provide it if they so choose. IANAL, but I think you have a valid gripe with them.

Personally, I've given up on "smart-TVs' after being burned by two of them. The manufacturers just don't seem interested in maintaining the software and supporting older equipment. I buy a TV to use it for years to decades... not months.

BTW is a good place to find folks in the same situation with this type of equipment.


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