Cable in the Classroom

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Cable in the Classroom

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I have been trying to find schedule information for Cable in the Classroom and came across this post, announcing free membership for schools using mythtv to record cable in the classroom programming: ... ith-MythTV

It appears to be a couple years old. I have not really found anything else related to schedulesdirect and cable in the classroom otherwise.

Does anyone know if this program is still going on? Or does anyone know if cable in the classroom shows are denoted in the listings somehow that they could be searched and made available to teachers?

Any information about Cable in the Classroom as it pertains to schedules direct would be very helpful. Thanks.

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Re: Cable in the Classroom

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Yup... it's still going on. Procedures are the same.

I don't think Cable in the Classroom shows are specifically tagged, but of course they do have education tags and other standard things to help find them.


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