Weird question - EPG?

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Weird question - EPG?

Post by cjpalermo21 »

Hi - this is a weird question, as it might not actually pertain to SD directly (pun intended); but tangentially.

I'm presuming (based on a small reading) that what's generated is similar to an EPG (maybe in xml format) - and from there, you still need to find a specific app/website to import that EPG for viewing -- is that correct?

Are there even apps that will let you import an EPG? Obviously, many on the "approved apps" seem to almost have hardline coding to SD -- so there's more passthrough; but, if SD generates an EPG, can that EPG be imported into another program? And, if so - which of those programs would be considered "approved?"

I hope that's clear - I'm learning as I go; and I also think (although it's hard to imagine) - what I'm looking for hasn't even been invented yet.
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Re: Weird question - EPG?

Post by rmeden »

SD provides TV Program data that applications can use. Does the "Guide" part of EPG mean the human friendly version? If so, applications generate the Guide using our data.

Some applications use our proprietary data formats.
Some use the XMLTV format, which is an open source data format
Some can use either. :)

There are tools that can fetch data from us and output XMLTV format. (3 of which are in the XMLTV.ORG github project)

If you're talking about importing EPG, you're already talking applications :)

If this doesn't make sense, maybe mention what you're trying to do.
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