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For some reason schedule data and even the channel itself for HD FX (741) isn't even listed on schedules direct anymore. It's still there - I'm watching it! What's up?

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Post by rmeden »

1. Get a "lineup report" on the SD "account" page and see if the station is still listed.
2. If not there, do a "edit lineup" and see if it's turned off. (and if it is, turn it on)
3. If you don't see the station at all in #2, try a "readd lineup" (on the account page) and goto 1.

4. If it's still not there after #3's repeat, submit a "lineup report" on the SD "account" page.

5. If you see the station in #1, check the raw data for the station.
6. If your application doesn't show you the raw data you can see what's on "now" at http://schedulesdirect.org/getdata

7. If you see the data in step 6, you have an application problem.
8. If you don't see data in step 6 (except for the <map> entry) submit a "lineup report" on the SD "account" page.

The "lineup report" includes some hidden fields we need to report it (your zip and lineup ID, nothing sinister), opens a ticket so we can track the issue, and routes it to the right person.


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