Montreal Illico lineup issue

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Montreal Illico lineup issue

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I'm not shure if I must use the lineup issue support in my SD account so I post here first.

- EPG works great in MediaPortal except for 1 channel... and it is the most important for me.
Channel 128, IFCC is sometimes messed up with the schedule. That is about 10% of the time.
Also for all the movies, there is no other description than "movie"... No title, no show description... only "Movie". It's sad because it is the "Independent Film Channel" so there are a lot of movies ! And good ones !
Here is the link to the schedule:

All the other channels in the lineup got descriptions for their movies.

Is there a way to fix this ? Should I report this in the lineup support or is it a "normal" behaviour.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Montreal Illico lineup issue

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You should use the lineup report, that will include some additional fields RobertK needs to pass on to Tribune.

Be sure to include the link to the IFC web site.. I suspect IFC isn't giving Tribune the details, but maybe by pointing to their own web site Tribune can shame them into it. :)


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