Channel names and digital frequencies

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Channel names and digital frequencies

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Is there a place to find out what frequencies cable carriers broadcast their channels on? Would be lots easier than scrolling through a bunch of channels looking for a match!

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Re: Channel names and digital frequencies

Post by rmeden »

Are you talking about digital QAM signals? I seem to remember a user generated database out there... it would be great if we could generate QAM lineups when we self-host.


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Re: Channel names and digital frequencies

Post by disafan »

The Silicondust database for the HDHomeRun - it is at

The pages are all XML codes that include frequencies and some voluntary channel names added by others.

Since they are the only project of this type, and it is supported by a commercial entity contributed by its customers, they might be amenable to working with Schedules Direct. The lineup data is contributed by the software for the HDHomerun, and thus by users using it. If they were willing to let SchedulesDirect manage the data, or have access to it to incorporate, it could be expanded beyond the HDHomerun for other use.

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