channel lineups swapped

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channel lineups swapped

Post by cporter »

I notice in Myth channels 6 and 5 have their lineups swapped. Channel 6, which use to be FOX, is still showing the FOX lineup when FOX moved to channel 5 in the San Diego area a couple of months ago. I am looking for help on how to get the channel lineups to show on their correct channels.

Channel 6 use to be FOX and is now WB
Channel 5 use to be WB and is now FOX

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Re: channel lineups swapped

Post by rmeden »

It's possible this is just an error at the head end and they didn't mean to swap the channels.. your cable company support should know. That short of change is pretty unusual, it may simply be a mistake.

To see what Tribune has, log in to your Schedules Direct Account and view lineup. Maybe TMS knew about the change but your application didn't update it (I think you do the mapping with MythTV manually)

If Schedules Direct has your lineup wrong, submit a "lineup report" via that same web page. Please include a URL if your provider provides an "official" channel list.


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