Anyone else have wrong start times of SciFi shows?

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Anyone else have wrong start times of SciFi shows?

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I'm seeing a weird problem with a few SciFi shows; I'm currently seeing it with Eureka, but I believe Stargate Atlantis has had this problem before.

The problem is that many times the second showing of the night (midnight, here in the Pacific Time Zone) starts late. This past Tuesday, it was over 7 minutes late, which thwarted my attempts to compensate with 5 minutes of leeway at the end. All of my friends recorded the earlier showing (9pm here) and everything was fine. I also recorded the previous week's episode (8pm here) which was perfectly on time. Is anyone else seeing this? Perhaps your listings get a properly delayed time so it's recorded correctly? Perhaps, like me, you're missing the end of the episode? Perhaps it started at the right time so there's nothing to fix?

I've seen the case where the +14 day download had the generic "on the hour" time but was adjusted (both start and/or length) on the +1 day download. Unless midnight local time is some weird edge case, I don't believe it has to do with stale info (though I guess I can try manually doing a full download next Tuesday afternoon).

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