WCSN and other Toronto area issues.

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WCSN and other Toronto area issues.

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First issue is as I understand it Canada wide, namely no digital TV station listing data available for over the air access. Is there any word when this might be resolved? This at the moment is a modest pain as in addition to analog TV tuner cards (tied to cable) in my MythTV box I have one digital tuner card tied to an antenna. For now I have taken the temporary expedient of setting up a listing under US ZIP code 14174 (Youngstown, NY) .

The Buffalo NY station WKBW has added WCSN on channel 7.3 . This is a small problem in that Schedules Direct doesn't have listing data for this channel. Further I have been bouncing around various various US markets has failed to turn up an id number for WCSN in other markets. So, is schedule data available for WCSN? Or does anyone know a valid WCSN channel ID number?

In semi-related fashion, but lower priority issue, CKXT channel 66#0 isn't available via the Youngstown, NY listings, but as this is just a straight repeat of analog channel 52 just copying the ID number over from 52 to 66#1 basicly resolves that (but it would be nice if that happened automatically).

So, in summary the questions are:

- When will over the air digital TV listings be available in Canada (or Toronto, ON in particular)?
- How do I get listings for WCSN on channel 7.3 out of Buffalo, NY?
- When, or will CKXT on 66#0 become available on the TV listings?


Colin McGregor

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Re: WCSN and other Toronto area issues.

Post by concordfta »

Colin I agree with the WCSN channel. I'm also having trouble finding WNED 43.3 in the listing.

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Re: WCSN and other Toronto area issues.

Post by vabiro »


In an ideal situation I would love to have the HD channels included in the Toronto OTA listings, but I have located a bit of a hack for HDHomeRun (http://www.hdhomerun.com) and MythTV (http://www.mythtv.org) that may be applicable in different circumstances. I'm not sure if this would work for you, but I thought I would mention it.

The key is to get the xmltvid for the channels, and use that as the basis for your OTA HD listings. Take a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HDHom ... c92cebdb24


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