Hotels with custom lineups....

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Hotels with custom lineups....

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I stay in hotels a lot, often for extended periods. Some have identifiable cable lineups which I can download normally to PocketTV, but most of the time they just have a limited grab bag of channels, often from different timezones. It would be great if you had a mechanism for grabbing channels, a la carte, into custom lineups which we could download during our stays. Ideally you would be able to select generic networks and timezones in generating your lineups. Right now I'm having to edit existing cable lineups, selecting an appropriate zip to get most of the times right. It sort of works but I can't always find a lineup which is a superset of the actual hotel listings and hence there are holes (plus you end up in wierd situations where you need a west coast cable lineup to select local stations but an east coast cable to get the premium channel times right, which obviously can't be done). Any solutions? What do you think about implementing a la carte lineups?

PS Am I setting off alarms downloading from multiple zips? Am I risking my access because it might appear to system administrators like I'm using one account for multiple users?

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Re: Hotels with custom lineups....

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When we host the data ourselves (which we're looking in to), we'll be able to provide custom lineups.

As far as multiple IPs, we've finally starting getting those logs from Tribune and have started processing them. It's possible multiple IPs will set it off (depends on if you currently sync at more than one place at a time). If we do detect something like that, we'll most likely contact you for an explanation before taking any action.


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