Lineup (fake) zip code for the Bahamas

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Lineup (fake) zip code for the Bahamas

Post by paradise »

Hello all

In the Bahamas we have one cable provider and I am wondering if there is a chance of getting their linup added.

We are using MythTV with its internal grabber which works, but of coarse the linups dont match what we actually have.

Here is the URL for our linups.
Select the following under international, Bahamas, Nassau - Cable Bahamas, LTD

Or here is the cable providers online TV guide
select television on top left (grey button)
on left list select Cable Guide (blue button)
lastly choose Cable Guide Online submenu.

We are willing to have multiple subscriptions for each of us once we know we can get the correct linups

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Re: Lineup (fake) zip code for the Bahamas

Post by johnandrews101 »

First, you need to match the lineups. After that you can contact your cable tv providers by zip code by their costumer service and see what they can do about it.

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