New channels randomly added???

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New channels randomly added???

Post by randyf1965 »

Why do I keep getting new channels in my lineup that I don't add to my lineup? I use the Directv listing and keep getting adult, pay-per-view, random music and sports channels I can't receive in my lineup

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Re: New channels randomly added???

Post by rmeden »

when Tribune adds new channels, they automatically add it to your lineup. There's nothing we can do about it at the moment. Most applications allow you to filter out new stations on the client side.

We're considering self-hosting at which point we can stop it.


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Re: New channels randomly added???

Post by griggs »

It seems like i'm in the minority, but I like getting the new channels added automatically. If they were added quietly, I might not see new channels. A good example for Directv was the Smithsonian channel, which appeared recently.

The SD folks have done a great job at making it easy to turn channels on and off via the web. Logging in every now and then and cleaning up channels that I don't want is a worthwhile compromise.

My suggestion is that if you "fix" this, please have a preference option that lets those of us who like seeing new channels have it the way it currently is!


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Re: New channels randomly added???

Post by smac2001 »

I'm with griggs, I prefer having new channels added automatically, too.

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