Galaxy 10R FTA Ku Channels

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Galaxy 10R FTA Ku Channels

Post by jboxall »

Hello, I use a free to air receiver for Galaxy 10R @ 123W, mainly the Equity Broadcasting stations. Is there a way to get all the listings in one lineup? or am I really limited to getting just a very few of the stations in a single guide with 4 locations, as the stations are located throughout the country. It would be nice to see a single lineup with the FTA stations from the FTA birds. Just an observation that I feel should be looked at. Thanks.

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Re: Galaxy 10R FTA Ku Channels

Post by danielk »

At the moment no. But we're working on code that will allow us to maintain the lineups ourselves and then we could create lineups for FTA satellites so long as we have the listings data for the channels.

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Re: Galaxy 10R FTA Ku Channels

Post by xciton »

Along those same lines, there is quite a bit of PBS FTA stuff (including a PBS HD feed and PBS Montana) on AMC3 that I used to grab with multiple accounts with the old zap2it days. I can't do this 100% now unless I pay for a second/third account as my primary paid account is full (4 lineups). Each PBS station typically took a complete lineup as you had to go shopping around the country to find an applicable feed, PBS alone took 3 separate lineups.

I agree, if a lineup could be created just for FTA feeds (for the PBS stuff, you already have the guide data, you just need to consolidate them) that would be great. You already have this functionality for the 4DTV setups.

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Re: Galaxy 10R FTA Ku Channels

Post by S88XJ »

Does anyone have any up-to-date about this?

I've looked at the available listings, but it simply appears that there is no lineup to cover the Equity channels on 123.

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