Listings for MTV

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Listings for MTV

Post by floyd »

Most listings for MTV say "MTV Special" for the shows. While has the actual shows listed.

Anyone know why this is and how it can be fixed.

My zip is 80003 and I am using the Comcast Cable lineup

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Listings for MTV

Post by m00f »


I am having the exact same problem with MTV listings. I am using the DISH Indianapolis lineup (46237).

Its been saying "MTV Special" for a long time now but in the past it has just been plain wrong. I don't think it has ever been correct since switching to SD and it was mostly correct with the old zaptoit.

I put in a "lineup error report" but we'll see how that goes...

Anyone else experiencing this? Any fixes??

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Re: Listings for MTV

Post by danielk »

Most listings for MTV say "MTV Special" for the shows.
Make sure you are downloading the latest listings. I'm not seeing any "MTV Special (Music)" until Thursday, and all of those are on MTV2. If you are using mythtv you can reload today's listings using "mythfilldatabase --refresh-today", if using something else refer to the application's support forums. MTV probably uses "MTV Special" as a filler program until they know what they are actually showing.

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